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Terms of Service

Last updated: April 26, 2024
By purchasing any services from SelfStartGlobal through the website or other methods provided by the company, you agree to the following:

1. The Parties acknowledge that the provision of services is governed by Dutch law. In case of discrepancies between the norms of Dutch law and the norms of the law of the country whose citizen (subject) is the Client, the Parties shall be guided by the norms of Dutch legislation.

2. The Performer undertakes to provide services within the agreed timeframe with the Client. The service provision period cannot be less than the specified periods below:
  • Writing a motivational letter — not less than 21 calendar days;
  • Writing a letter of recommendation — not less than 14 calendar days;
  • Resume writing — not less than 14 calendar days;
  • Correction of a motivational letter / letter of recommendation / resume — not less than 14 calendar days;
  • Personal brand development — not less than 14 calendar days;
  • Compiling a selection of universities (5−6 universities) — not less than 14 calendar days;
  • Compiling a selection of universities (9−10 universities) — not less than 21 calendar days;
  • Negotiating with a university — not less than 30 calendar days.

The periods specified in clause 2 are counted from the moment the Client provides the information requested by the Performer in full.

3. The Performer’s provision of services is carried out in accordance with the services memorandum provided to the Client after creating the general chat.

4. The Performer’s obligation to provide services is considered fulfilled at the moment of transferring the results of the service provision to the Client and the Client’s acceptance of such results. If within 3 calendar days the Client has not notified the Performer of any defects in the service provision (has not expressed a motivated refusal to accept the results of the service provision), the services are considered accepted in full and in proper quality.

5. The Performer begins providing services after the full payment for such services is made. The Client’s obligation to pay for the services is considered fulfilled at the moment the cost of the services is received in the Performer’s bank account.

6. The Parties independently cover bank commissions and any necessary payments related to bank transfers. The Parties independently fulfill their tax obligations.

7. In case of unilateral refusal by the Client from the services within 5 calendar days from the date of purchasing the services, 50% of the service cost is refunded. In case of refusal by the Client from the services after 5 calendar days, as well as in case of refusal after the expert has started providing the services (after the Client has provided the information), no refund of funds is provided.

8. Services are considered provided in due order and quality if the results of the service provision are sent to the Client by any means provided by this Agreement (including, but not limited to, orally, in writing, via online call, using email, or other electronic message exchange system) and if within three calendar days the Client has not informed the Performer of any defects.

9. The Parties undertake to keep confidential all information about the work process, internal documents, financial matters, organization of work of their employees, organization of receiving and processing information, and any other information related to the work of the Client and the Performer, respectively. Such information may be disclosed to representatives of the Parties. Information may also be disclosed to third Parties only in cases directly provided by law, as well as if the corresponding information is disclosed by the Party that was the original owner of such Confidential information.

10. The fact of concluding this Agreement, information about the Parties, and its subject matter are not considered confidential information.

11. All rights to the results of intellectual activity and means of individualization arising from the provision of services, as well as used or related to such provision, belong to the Performer. The Client is granted the right to use the documentation prepared for him within the framework of the services under this Agreement exclusively for the purpose of admission to a higher educational institution.

12. Disputes and disagreements arising from this Agreement, as well as directly or indirectly related to it, are resolved by the Parties through negotiations. In case of failure to reach an agreement between the Parties after mandatory compliance with the pre-trial procedure (a claim is sent by registered letter with an inventory of attachments and may also be duplicated in electronic form with mandatory attachment of copies of the inventory of attachments to the registered letter and the receipt for sending the claim. The response to the claim must be sent in a similar manner within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of receipt of the claim), the dispute is transferred to the jurisdiction of the court, which according to the current legislation of the Netherlands has the authority to consider this dispute.